Shopify App Dev Tutorial


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Shopify App Dev Tutorial
Shopify App Dev Tutorial
Shopify App Dev Tutorial
Shopify App Dev Tutorial
Shopify App Dev Tutorial

Hi Folks - with a lot of us practicing social distancing and self-quarantine we wanted to put out our video courses for free. For us, learning something new can provide a bit of respite from a racing mind. If this is true for you too, please dive in!

If you feel you can afford to, please consider donating any portion of the cost of this course to a local charity or purchase a gift certificate to a small business. A lot of folks will feel both the physical and financial burden of this pandemic and seemingly small contributions when multiplied go a long way.

In this series you'll learn how to build a Shopify App from scratch.  We start by creating a Ruby on Rails app.  We then use the Shopify App Gem to connect with Shopify.  Finally we integrate the Polaris react component library to create a user interface that is functional and consistent with the Shopify look.

We'll create a "Lookbook" app, that will allow the merchant to choose from photos and add text to create a stylish lookbook area for each product page.  Once the merchant is happy with the look, the lookbook will be injected into the specific product page of the Shopify store.

The app will be a public app that can be installed on multiple stores and we'll go through the process of setting up monthly recurring charges.

As an added bonus we'll also show you how to set up the app to be multilingual, including integrating multilingual into the Shopify Polaris components.


  1. Technologies we’ll be using
  2.  Setting up our Rails App
  3.  Setting up Shopify
  4.  The Shopify App Gem
  5.  Polaris React Components (Product Listing)
  6.  Setting up for Multilingual
  7.  Setting up the Single Product view
  8.  Creating the interface for Lookbook
  9.  Inject Lookbook into Shopify Theme
  10.  Setting up Recurring Charges


We include a PDF with some notes and code samples for following along with the videos....and maybe a little copy and paste ūüėČ.

CSV of Products:

We include a CSV file with fake product data to get you up a running with a fake store.


We also include a link to the github so you can see the full working codebase.