Shopify Theme with React Tutorial


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Shopify Theme with React Tutorial
Shopify Theme with React Tutorial
Shopify Theme with React Tutorial

Hi Folks - with a lot of us practicing social distancing and self-quarantine we wanted to put out our video courses for free. For us, learning something new can provide a bit of respite from a racing mind. If this is true for you too, please dive in!

If you feel you can afford to, please consider donating any portion of the cost of this course to a local charity or purchase a gift certificate to a small business. A lot of folks will feel both the physical and financial burden of this pandemic and seemingly small contributions when multiplied go a long way.

In this video tutorial series we will make a simple Product page and cart pop out for a Shopify Theme, integrating React.js and the Storefront API. This series is aimed at beginner to intermediate developers who are comfortable with Javascript and have a base understanding of React.js and Shopify.

By the end of this tutorial you’ll have a product page with a pop out cart managed entirely in React.js. You can extend this project to build out a full store front, leveraging React for elements that are more data or interaction heavy.



  1. Setting Up a Shopify Theme with React.js
  2. GraphQL Queries and the Product Page
  3. Displaying Product Information with React.js
  4. GraphQL Mutations and the Cart
  5. Persisting cart values with Local Storage



We've included a PDF you can use to follow along with the videos. In here you'll find notes, examples, and some code samples (if you want to do a little copy and pasting 😉) 



You'll get a link to a Github Repo with final version of the codebase and branches for each step along the way.